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Poster: Jim F Date: Jan 18, 2022 5:03pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: happy new year and roll call

10+ years ago I used to check this forum every day and was a fairly regular poster for years. Dunno why I stopped checking in, but I leave a lot of comments on the GD of the Day group's posts on Facebook, it got me missing the old archive forum so here I am.

I need to make some GD Resolutions for the year. I got a sweet job where I get to listen to music all day, I work in two shows most days. Finally did the entire Europe 72 tour from start to finish last year, and will probably damn near repeat this year. I think I did 1972 in its entirety in 2021. I'm thinking this year I may go hard on eras I avoid or just don't get around to often.

Like Spring 1978. I don't avoid Spring 78, it's just one of those eras I pick and choose from, I've never tried listening to an entire tour after the February shows. I may try it this year. I've also thought of trying to do all of the October 1980 shows, but the monotony might wear me down, I'm largely a 68-77 guy.